Hippie Brown Girl Goes Grain-Free

I am a huge skeptic.  It’s the scientist in me.  I take everything I read or hear with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to health and well-being.  I have been researching the paleo diet or the primal diet and at first, I was not convinced.  I even started to write a post defending grain consumption.  But before I published something that might cause me to put my foot in my mouth, I decided to give a grainless diet a shot.

I was pretty sure this would be impossible but nope. It’s not. There are, of course, a few loopholes to help you

And can I please tell you that after a week…I feel fantastic.  Like really freakin awesome.  I am up at the crack of dawn everyday (literally, not figuratively) because my kids wake up at the first light and I am 80% less tired.  I don’t want this to become a TMI post but let’s also talk about regularity for a second.  I have pretty annoying, consistent digestive problems and those have all but disappeared.

I thought I would miss the grains but I can honestly say that I do not.  We have been eating delicious, fresh meals.  If I feel the desire for grains, I have yams or plantains instead and that really satisfies the need.

I’m not completely paleo, though, as I still consume dairy, mostly in the form of cheese and the occasional glass of milk.  I also still eat more sugar than I probably should (my sweet tooth is pretty big).  And I still have beer or wine sometimes – a girl’s gotta unwind.  I would say I’m doing this diet 85-90% of the time.  I’m a work in progress though.  I’m not beating myself up.

I thought I would hit y’all with a little science about the paleo diet but I’ll save that for another post.  Trust me, there will be many!  I’m officially paleo-obsessed.  Can’t wait to post some recipes for you! And some pics of the transformation I’m making (I’ve lost 4 pounds eating like this already!)

What are your thoughts on this diet?

10 thoughts on “Hippie Brown Girl Goes Grain-Free

  1. I love eating paleo. My life has improved, I’m less tired, I’ve lost weight, it’s been awesome. I started of 100% first because I have some health issues that I’m working with but now I’m 80% Paleo and 20% Gluten Free. It’s been such a great experience. I’m excited to see what you think about it long term.

    • Omg yes! Can’t wait to see how it goes long term. So far it’s so awesome. I’m not even tempted to “cheat” I feel like it’s really a lifestyle, not a diet. I even have a strong desire to work out which I have never had before. Always forced myself. So excited! Thanks for reading 🙂

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  3. I did this for a week and didn’t even realize this specific way of eating had a name LOL!! I lost 6 lbs in 7 days and definitely felt a drastic change in my energy!! I fell victim to milk and a piece of bread and that was it for the “diet” but I am starting over today! So exciting because results are almost instant and that makes you want to keep going!!

    • Thanks for your support! You know, the trick for me is that I’m not considering it a diet. I’m eating this way and if I feel like eating something else, I will! I just have not felt the desire to eat anything else (except dairy which I’m not giving up for nobody!!) There are SO many amazing websites with excellent recipes. Check out paleomg.com if you haven’t already. Definitely helps keep you on track

      • You’re so right. I don’t get along with the word ‘diet’ whatsoever. Lifestyle changes make all the difference and we deserve a treat every now and then, in moderation of course! I will check out the website. Thanks so much!!

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