Get 5K Ready in 2 Months

Recently, I have begun my endeavor into “paleo” eating (read that post here).  I’m not 100% there and I probably never will be but my eating habits have improved exponentially.  I am feeling terrific, full of energy, and leaner.  I am so thrilled because trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING.

I’m also trying to introduce more activity into my life.  I’m the type of person who needs goals, public goals, to hold myself accountable.  I hate exercising.  There isn’t an athletic bone in my body but I try to workout at least 5 times per week.  I was going to the gym really regularly for a month but boredom struck and I quit.  I have realized that I need at least 3 workout options available to me at all times.  Right now, they are:

  1. Gym – an hour on treadmill, elliptical, or stairclimber + 30 minutes of free weight circuits [I’m so intimidated by the weight machines.]
  2. Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred [BRUTAL! Way harder than the gym in my opinion but quicker]
  3. Most recent (and insane) addition – training for my first 5K race

I’m definitely crazy because I have tried running before and utterly despised it.  I mean, loathed it.  Obviously, I quit (notice a pattern? I’m kind of a quitter when it comes to exercise).  But I’ve always wanted to run a marathon.  I’m not even close to marathon-ready so I thought I would start with a 5K, which is equal to about 3 miles.  I will be “training” for this race for about 2 months, 3 times per week.

I think, when I tried running before, I was trying to do too much too soon which caused my body to seriously rebel and caused me to ask why anyone would ever want to run.  I also did not have a good plan.  And my sneakers weren’t really well suited for running.

Well, I have fixed these problems and I am proposing a challenge for all of you and myself, of course.  Please join me in getting off our asses and into the great outdoors!  Here are the requirements and commitments:

  • You must currently be a couch potato.
  • Pledge to train 3 times per week.
  • Pledge to follow the schedule, holding back only if you are finding it impossible or if you’re injured.
  • Register for a 5K race in early to mid-August. (Yes, now!)  If you’re in NYC, like I am, check out for races.
  • Let us know how your progress is going by checking in here.

So are you in?  Or are you a punk?  Just kidding! (sort of)

Here is the personal trainer approved schedule for the first 2 weeks which is totally doable:

Week 1 all three workouts are the same

Start with a brisk, 5-minute warm up walk.

Then alternate between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

Do this 3 times in the first week.

Week 2 all three workouts are the same

Start with a brisk, 5-minute warm up walk.

Then alternate between 90 seconds of jogging and 2 minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

Do this 3 times in the second week.

Come on!  You have time for this!  If you’d like to join us and you’re not shy, please comment below!  Remember that the goal here is just to finish the race in the best time you possibly can, whatever that is!  We won’t judge you even if you quit 🙂

I’ll be back with my progress, your progress, and the schedule for the next 2 weeks.  Let’s get it!

5 thoughts on “Get 5K Ready in 2 Months

  1. Get it girl! Maybe ill join you in a week or so. I hate running too but I want to do at least a 5K myself. I was sad I missed one last weekend here because it was fun for everyone who did it. It was a color run/walk. I may work on the 5k before the AIDS walk here in October because I still want to walk with my team.

    Good luck!

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