More 5K Stuff

I know I’ve been slacking with the updates but please know that I have not been slacking in the gym!  I’m on Week 5 of the 5K training and it’s about to get real!  I can already tell that this week will be killer.

I’ve been doing way more than the training though.  I usually do the 5K training program on my jog to the gym, which is about a mile.  Then I continue on the treadmill for another 30-45 minutes.  So I guess I’m cheating a bit but in a good way.  I also have incorporated some weightlifting into my routine.  I normally do deadlifts, squats, and inverted rows.  [Google those terms if you don’t know what they are.  They are AWESOME weight exercises that do not take long.]

So I’ve lost 5 pounds and 4% body fat.  I could not be more excited to finally start liking what I’m seeing in the mirror.  I promise that in 3-4 weeks, I will post some pics.

I also learned that my “personal trainer” friend who suggested the training program got it from somewhere on the Internet.  Stupid me. I should have done some fact checking before I published.  Anyway, so I will stop posting schedules here and just refer you to the site.  Here it is now you can start whenever you choose.  And I highly recommend it, especially considering that I have been trying to lose weight for a long time and just saw 5 pounds go in less than 5 weeks — that’s more than I’ve seen in the last year.  I also modified my diet, which I talked about here. I’ve been eating like this for about 6 weeks and nothing has ever made more difference, nor have I ever been able to stick to something so faithfully for so long.

If you’re like me and most people I know, trying to lose weight and get more fit, let us know what has worked for you!

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