Hippie Girl Goes Paleo, Take 2

Okay, I admit it.  I’ve been slipping with my fitness goals.  Majorly.  I’ve really been focusing on my career so my all my getting in shape just landed on the backburner.  I wasn’t at work in the summer so getting to work out was pretty easy because my gym has a playroom.  I could give the girls their breakfast, walk to the gym, and work out as long as I wanted.

Now that I have to be at work by 8, going to gym has become difficult.  It would be fine if my gym opened at 5 but they don’t open until 6.  That was it for my morning workout.  Sadly, working out in the evening is probably on par with climbing Mount Everest for me.  Work all day THEN cook for my children and put them to bed THEN somehow muster up the energy to workout?  Nah.  I couldn’t do it.

As for my diet, well…I just got lazy.  That means, I basically just don’t eat all day and eat when I get home.  This worked well to help me minimize weight gain even though I wasn’t working out.  But it did not work well to make me feel well.  Especially because I was not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and probably not enough protein either.  Yeah, it was a bad plan.  A lazy plan.  I recognize that now.

Despite all those reasons excuses, I want to kick it into high gear anyway and find a way to make it work.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I have a big birthday coming up in a little over a month so I’m trying to tighten up my body to look good in whatever I wear.  Oh, and also to feel less sluggish and improve my mood and health.  Obviously that’s secondary to my outward appearance.  I kid, I kid.  My good friend, Fatima who writes and owns babyteems.com, started a fitness group on Facebook called Operation: Snap Back and it was just what I needed to get off my ass and start eating properly again.  It’s been less than a week and I have to admit, I am feeling much better already.

There will be fun paleo recipes, of course.  I haven’t quite worked out my gym plan yet but I’m aiming to make it there at least 4 times per week.  Workouts will probably have to be in the afternoon/evening, which saddens me deeply but not as much as my waistline slipping.  I will probably come home, feed my girls, then take them to the gym with me or wait until my husband comes home and go after they’re in bed.  It will be rough, for sure but I can’t let last summer’s hard work just go to waste.  I’m back!

Check out how I lost 20 pounds last summer!

I did reach my goal weight as evidenced by the photo below and I’m honestly not too far from that weight right now but I need to get firm.


Here is where I am right now and honestly, I’m not unhappy.  Like I said, I just want to tighten up some and improve my well-being.


So that’s it!  I hope you’ll join the fun.  I’m focusing a lot on my legs and trying to build my weak core.  What are some of your favorite core exercises?  What are some of your fitness goals?  Share!

5 thoughts on “Hippie Girl Goes Paleo, Take 2

  1. Earlier in the year I looked into the paleo diet. IDK what happened lol You look great. The dish you posted on IG the other day looked amazing

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