Email Question: New Preservative?

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  I gave lots of handmade lotions as gifts and they were very well-received!  I love to give homemade gifts, don’t you?  Did you notice the new category in the menu above?  Skincare Recipes is a new category just in case you’d like to browse recipes only 🙂

When it comes to email questions, there is no question: most of you want to know about preservatives.  It is the single most asked about topic in my inbox.  For my post about the basics of preservatives, click here. Also, check out this awesome email question:

While I’m new to all this homemade stuff, my main motivation is a) reducing my overall chemical intake and b) helping my daughter with a newly developed skin problem. I’ve found quite a bit of info on the Internet, but not all of my questions have been answered despite extensive research. I’ve just started delving into the pH levels of products and have searched for a preservative that won’t negate the positive effects of making my own products. I ran across one at Texas Naturals and wondered if you have had any experience with it. It’s called Tinosan (Silverion 2400) and reading about it, sounds a viable alternative to the more common preservatives. Do you have any info/experience with it. I’d love your input. Thank you so very much and have a wonderful day.

I actually have no experience with this preservative nor have I ever heard of it.  You know what I use: Optiphen.  I really don’t stray from that.  I’m a bit of a creature of habit and once I find something that works, I tend to stick to it, especially when it comes to something like a preservative.  As long as it kills microbes (bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast), can be used at a low concentration, and doesn’t have parabens or formaldehyde, I’m with it.  I did check this preservative out though and I offered my very humble and not professional opinion. See below.

So here’s what I think about Tinosan: a silver compound would definitely kill bacteria.  The site does recommend that you use it with potassium sorbate to protect against other microbes like yeast, mold, and fungus.  It can be used at pretty normal pH levels.  The temperature concerns me a bit, 122 degrees (I assume they mean Fahrenheit), because that’s pretty low.  You would have to emulsify, let cool, then add Tinosan.
My last concern is that it’s light-sensitive.  Most silver compounds are light sensitive.  I wonder if it would lose effectiveness over time if exposed to light.
So should you use it?  I really couldn’t answer that.  You could try it out and see how you like it. Optiphen is my preservative of choice and it’s also paraben-free and formaldehyde-free.  It’s the preservative I’m familiar with.
If you do try Tinosan, I would love an update on how you like it.
And that’s it for today!  As always, email me at if you have questions.  I always reply!

6 thoughts on “Email Question: New Preservative?

  1. I guess what I was trying to say is yes 1% of 20 ounces is 0.16, or 8 ounces is 0.08. My question to you is how do you read that 0.16 on a kitchen digital scale when using droplets. Call me if you are still confused 916-613-4998 my names is Rene’

  2. Thank you for your info cant wait to make the lotions I make without having to refrigerate them , ive been educating myself 8 years of a lot of trial and error started making lotions now but some turn brown, used potassium sorbate but some were still turning ,I didn’t want parbens and formaldehyde . aka AKA THE DREAMER

  3. HI Shani!
    I tried optiphen in my first trial of body cream and it gave my product a slight odor. I don’t particularly care for the odor. I added some fragrance (coconut mango from Brambleberry) and I can smell both the optiphen and the fragrance. I’m thinking I either mis-calculated the amount of optiphen I needed and added a touch too much to where it’s noticeable or that’s just how this preservative is. Any thoughts or suggestions??

      • It has a very light odor that reminds me of hydroquinone. Or similiar to how eye make up remover smells. If that helps. It doesn’t bother me that much, but it is noticeable. I haven’t had any skin reactions since using my body cream so that’s a plus. As for how much I used in my 453g of product, 1% or 5g. And the final temperature of the product before I added the optiphen and the fragrance oil was 171 degrees. I’m not sure if that final temperature was too warm. I’ll keep that in mind with my next batch.

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