Big changes!

It has been quite some time, hasn’t it?

You may have noticed that my domain expired. I will try to renew it soon (cross my fingers!) but you can still visit here at

I’ve been swamped recently because my family and I are moving out of the country for a couple of years. Crazy, right? I received an email from a recruiter in March and the whirlwind started there. Within a month, I was hired to teach abroad. We had never really considered such a huge move before but when a great opportunity presents itself, you have to take it! The pay is good and we’ll be able to travel to places we could only dream of visiting from here.

With all the expenses associated with the move, I just haven’t been able to justify the cost of renewing the domain. As you know, I run this blog alone and I don’t have ads on the site because it’s just not that kind of party. This blog isn’t a money making venture for me. It’s fun and I genuinely enjoy sharing information with you all. I will certainly keep the blog up and I will be trying to post regularly so stay tuned! If there is interest, I will definitely post about my family’s traveling adventures.

Please feel free to continue to email me at with questions and suggestions. Thanks for sticking with me!

One thought on “Big changes!

  1. I wish you all the best in your new position and fantastic new opportunities for all the family. I hope your new life inspires you with loads of new recipes!.

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