New Address!

I’m annoyed right now…but I have no one to blame but myself. In the midst of an international move, stress, and a zillion things to do, I let my subscription lapse for 2 months. Apparently that’s enough time for WordPress to send my domain name back to the “registrar” (whoever that is) and my domain was sold. I could try to get it back…but I just have just so much on my plate right now I just bit the bullet and now you can easily visit this site at its new address

Please update your bookmarks if you have any of my recipes bookmarked. My sincere apologies! I hope you will stick with me for more recipes and discussions of ingredients in the future as well as updates about my family’s travels & adventures.

We are moving in less than a week to the Middle East. We plan to travel a lot and I will certainly keep you posted on our new life.

Thank you for your patience, concern, and just all-around niceness.

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