Lotion Making Terms to Know

Below you can find a list of terms that you may be wondering about.  If you’d like to see a term listed here, please comment below or email me at hippiebrowngirl@gmail.com

This list will be updated periodically.

antioxidant – a substance that increases the shelf life of a fat by eliminating free radicals that accumulate as the fat decomposes, keeps fats from going rancid too quickly — not to be confused with a preservative!

emulsifier – the ingredient that brings your water and oil together so lotion will be smooth and won’t separate; often a wax but beeswax is quite ineffective in most cases

fat – another word for oils and butters

fat phase – see oil phase

oil phase – the ingredients that make up the fatty part of your emulsion in a lotion recipe; butters, emulsifiers, and thickeners are part of the oil phase too

preservative – a chemical that reduces the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungus, and mold in products that contain emulsions — not to be confused with antioxidants!

water phase – the liquid portion of your emulsion in a lotion recipe; can be water or many other liquids

3 thoughts on “Lotion Making Terms to Know

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  3. What is the best preservative to use in lotions and creams, Germben II, Optiphen or GSE. I also heard that Grape Seen Extract is not a preservative?

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